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Waste management FER.BI. METAL

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waste management service takes place in its platform located in Monza in compliance with the regulations relating to the collecting and disposal, with temporary storage of  special non-hazardous wastes: ferrous and metal scraps, paper, wood, mixed packagings etc.
For the whole category of wastes that can not be stored, hazardous wastes included, which come from company or recovery actions, FER.BI.METAL, thanks to its registration in 8 category F class, can act  as a manger in brokerage and waste purchase.

can grant the traceability of waste disposal process, checking any single operation, and issuing all the related certificates and documents.

Waste management is a complex service, composed by several elements.
The European Union's approach  (1996) to waste management is based on the "waste hierarchy" of waste management operations:

✔ waste prevention
✔ reuse and recycling
✔ best final disposal and better monitoring
✔ need to reduce/limit waste movement

following the above mentioned principles and promoting the prevention, the reduction of waste production and hazardousness, tries to apply solutions oriented towards waste re-use, recycle and other any recovery actions.

12- 07-2012   MB 00771 registration
07- 25 – 2016  MI 00706 registration
Brokerage 8 Category F Class
1F Category registration

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