FER.BI.METAL Trade of ferrous scraps – collection iron, aluminium, copper, production scraps - Recupero commercio rottami ferrosi FER.BI.METAL

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FER.BI.METAL Trade of ferrous scraps – collection iron, aluminium, copper, production scraps

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Environmental protection

Management statement on environmental protection

environmental policy is applied to the following processes: collection, selection, storage of non dangerous scraps, collection of ferrous and non ferrous scraps, industrial demolition.

The environmental policy consists of full respect of the industry current rules and regulations as well as in a continuous commitment to reduce, with increasingly effectiveness and efficiency, environmental damages related to  FER.BI.METAL 's activity

For this reason, the management, that is aware of its own  responsibility in relation to environment, is committed to set policies, strategies and to select the resources needed for their realization.

has arranged an environmental management system and a quality management system, in order  to identify ways and responsibilities for the management of the environmental aspects related to their activities, kept under control and/or directly influenced.

Top management in order to have a more effective and efficient management of the Environmental Management System has created the  “Quality and Environment Improvement Group”,   composed by RGSA, RGSQ and external consultants, which has  organizational and environmental competencies and the following tasks:

  • Plan and coordinate management and improvement plans of the environment protection agreed with all the staff involved

  • Plan, manage, coordinate a system to check the activities and the situation in the environmental area

  • Develop and promote suitable rules and operational procedures to be applied in the environmental field

  • Promote and check the understanding and  application of rules and operational procedures set by the whole staff

FER.BI.METAL  in order to reach its Environmental Policy objectives:

encourages new ideas and improvement notes;

ensures that each manager coordinates his own team towards  continuous improvement;

3. constantly checks company progress and results;

makes professional and cultural improvement of its each resource at every level;

defines and actuates environmental programmes in which are settled environmental objects that have to be reached as well as the related timing and responsibilities;

sets and actuates improvement plans referring to all company departments in which are settled and kept under control for each objects, the related costs, timing of execution and responsibilities;

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