Plant machinery and equipment purchase FER.BI. METAL - Recupero commercio rottami ferrosi FER.BI.METAL

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Plant machinery and equipment purchase FER.BI. METAL

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thanks to the synergy among  its team, outsourcing personnel and a network of  partners, can offer to its customers a complete turnkey service for the following activities: technical analysis, recovery, disassembling, dismantling, transport and wastes disposal throughout  machinery recovery and ferrous and metallic scraps recovery.

Particular attention is paid to environmental recovery actions to remove hazardous materials. Such operation, requires specific cautions and specialized personnel who stick to all  decontamination procedure.

At the end of the recovery actions, the different dismantling activities, such as disassembling or demolition of plants, machineries, metallic structures and buildings take place. At the same time, waste disposal operations and transport occur,
while ferrous and metallic scraps and materials are recycled, as raw materials, in foundries or steel plant.

FER.BI.METAL owns a big vehicle fleet and equipment that enables to properly execute any kind of projects even complex ones and to minimize environmental impact, eliminating any potential risks and meeting the deadlines.

STRIP-OUT - (empty  - disassembling)
executes in properties or sites full strip out services, from the dismantling of all the internal and external parts to the preparation for the next operations of demolition or property renovation.
FER.BI.METAL may operate externally, on movable site's facades, as well as internally, on furniture, doors and windows, false ceilings, walls, wiring, plumbing  and gas systems.
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