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Cookies Policy
Our company informs that we use third-party cookies and technical cookies when users are browsing through the pages of our website. This policy provides information on what cookies are, which cookies we use and how to disable the cookies of the browser used for internet browsing.

What are cookies?
The "Cookies" are small text files that a server can save on the hard drive of a computer and that can store some information about the user. Cookies allow the website to record user’s activity and to store his preferences. Cookies aid to analyze the interaction between the user and the website and allow a smoother and customized browsing.

What types of cookies exist ?

According to its duration, a cookie may be classified as "session" or "permanent" session.
“Session" cookies are temporary and disappear from your computer when the user leaves the visited site or close the browser. They are usually stored in the cache memory of your computer. The "Permanent" cookies remain on user’s computer even after the closing of browser and until their expiry or until the user deletes them. The expiration date is determined by the site that starts them. They are often used to track user’s habits, so that when user revisits the site, it reads the stored information and adjusts to his preferences.

What cookies do we use?
Technical cookies generated and used for its website and other external cookies generated in the web pages by third parties.
The cookies used on this site do not personally identify the user, who remains anonymous. Our company can also temporarily register the IP address (Internet Protocol) as user name of the  accessing computer to their web pages, to diagnose possible problems with server and to run one’s website.
The visit to our website can generate the following types of cookies:

Internal Cookies
“Session” Cookies : we use these cookies to improve the browsing experience of the user and the interaction with the website.

Third party’s Cookies
Google Maps
The site can also use the display of maps by means of service offered by Google Maps. By using the Google Maps API with next version to 3.0, cookies are not used to identify users’ private information, at the most a cookie called PREF is generated and it contains the preferences used in browsing the map (zoom, language, region, etc .)   
For further information related to the privacy policy and the terms of the Google Maps service we refer to the Supplier’s privacy policy link:
Disable the cookies

It is possible to set up used browser for web browsing to eliminate or to prevent installation of cookies. The user can check which cookies are  installed, what is their duration and eliminate them. The steps to carry out these operations with differ from browser to browser.  Below the guides for the commonest browsers :
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Disabling of some cookies might impede access to our website and good operation of the pages.
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