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Recupero rottami ferrosi
Founded by Francesco Bisco in 1960, has been operating on the market from over 50 years  becoming a well known company in the trade of ferrous and  scrap metals. Upon the  arrival of Gino Bisco, the current owner, FER.BI.METAL in order to become more relevant in the sector, has made important investments  in human resources and machineries developing innovative activities such us plant dismantling and purchase or machinery removal from  renewal or dismissal product activity.
FER.BI.METAL's strength is its structure, provided with a platform located in the industrial area of Monza and equipped for the managing and moving of scrap and waste materials.

has a staff of more than 20 people among employees and outsourced personnel in order to manage any kind of work and complex project in a realiable and precise way.
Services offered by are custormer-satisfaction oriented. Customers find a partner with a long and consolidated experience in the dismantling of plant and machinery and in the trade of ferrous and scrap metals.

For this reason FER.BI.METAL is a player both in the trade and in the dismantling management in order to offer a complete service from recovery to demolition, storage and waste disposal.

FER.BI.METAL is a, UNI ES ISO 9001:2008 and UNI ISO 14001:2011 certified company.


  • Trade of ferrous and scrap metals

  • Collecting, transport and disposal of materials

  • C
    omplete service of plant dismantling

  • Plant Dismantling/ industrial machinery dismantling

  • Waste management

Consorzio nazionale acciaio
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